London Remains Most Visited International City For Travelers and People Who Don’t Know to Stand on the Right

standonrightDamn, even Kenyans know to stand on the right on escalators. Germans, not so much.

The PR folks at MasterCard have released their annual list of top travel destinations based on collected data and projected travel patterns.

London remains No. 1 with a 18.82 million visitors. No analytics on how many of those people still don’t understand minding the gap, standing on the right and that nobody says “Cheerio!”

The rest of the list has great diversity, but no South America destinations or the happiest place on Earth, Tijuana! Time to get your act together Buenos Aires.

    • Bangkok – 18.24 million
    • Paris – 16.06 million
    • Dubai – 14.26 million
    • Istanbul – 12.56 million
    • New York – 12.27 million
    • Singapore – 11.88 million
    • Kuala Lumpur – 11.12 million
    • Seoul – 10.35 million
    • Hong Kong – 8.66 million

MC provided a fun infographic.

London-720x1079Yes, on the roasted bone marrow, especially from St. John. Fish & Chips is not much of a London staple. It’s better in the north, Ireland or Scotland. Chicken Tikka Masala is the national dish in the UK.

Scrummy. Never heard that one. I did recently learn the term “bleurgh” which means sick or depressed. Please pepper it into your own conversation, “This sticky toffee pudding I found on the street is making me bleurgh.”

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