You Don’t Need This — Baby Chair Luggage Strap

Baby ChairThe baby in that picture looks terrified. He or she is about to wheeled into certain death. Somebody should Photoshop a Hannibal Lecter mask on the child and then wheel him or her around on a trolley.

I haven’t seen a more impractical travel accessory than these baby chairs that attach to your rolling suitcase. You take something that wasn’t a problem and made it a problem.

While I cruised the international terminal at Heathrow last month, I saw something similar to this toiling around. My first thought was the safety hazards these chairs present. There are hundreds of people walking around with their pilot cases and rolling duffles that could easily bang into the kid.

Navigating with a rolling suitcase is clumsy enough to begin with when you’re going in and out with foot track. I often get into that awkward situation when a wheel skips and turns the whole suitcase around. Now imagine that with a human being attached to it.

chair 2It’s hard enough that parents have to fumble with all their baby stuff and strollers in every form of transportation. There’s always stroller parking at the airplane entrance with a group of parents trying to figure out how to fold their strollers and what they need for the kid on the flight. If you have one of these things, it’s just adding to your clutter.

In the overall picture, how long and far do you walk with your rolling carry-on? From the terminal entrance to check-in, check-in to security and security to gate. It’s about  a quarter to an eighth of a mile. By the time you strap this stupid thing to your carry-on and get the kid to sit in it, you can be at your destination already.

chair 1Here’s the alternative to these, it’s called your arms. Or a papoose. Or a baby sling. Or a stroller. Or a cage. I don’t have a kid so you know better how to carry them around.

P.S. It looks like that kid is PhotoShopped into the photo. Same with the smile on the hot mom in the baring-midriff tank top and short shorts.


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