My Favorite Bar in Paris — Chez Jeannette


Let me begin by saying, enough of the “French are rude” stereotype. When somebody brings that up, I respond by saying, “Maybe you’re the type of personality that attracts rude people no matter what the country.” I’ve never had a problem in Paris with locals. It’s one of the major reasons I try to blend in rather stick out by looking like a tourist.

This brings me to my favorite bar in Paris, Chez Jeannette (47 Rue du Faubourg, near Château d’Eau metro). It’s retro boho chic, simple menu and fashionable crowd feels right at home with the high-end clothing stores in the area. While you might think that the beautiful people and fabulous interior would mean major dollars, it isn’t. Simple cocktails like a Moscow Mule or Mojito will run you 8, with the great exchange rate it’s $9. Still cheaper than anything you’ll find in NYC.


The interior is the big sell for me at Chez Jeannette. The classical structure houses a 1950s neon lit interior with PVC couches, a Formica bar, tobacco-stained wallpaper, satin lampshades and a high ceiling. It would look right at home in a 60s french new wave film. The staff and locals give the place a lived in look. It’s definitely a place the locals frequent at night, especially on DJ nights. If the nighttime hipster crowd is too much, it’s perfect for a late afternoon aperitif with some house-made frites or your morning coffee and croissant. Feel free to sit outside, chain smoke and gawk at the lovely people walking outside.

It’s one of the many places in Paris you dream of where you get a sense of the city and live out your Parisian fantasies.



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