Consider This — Styptic Pencils

nick_stickHere’s the first in a series on what you can consider to pack on your next journey.

When I travel is when I’m the happiest in life. I should look presentable when I’m out and about. I should not look like I’ve hauled heavy luggage across 6 times zones and waited hours in the TSA or Passport Control line. Thus, shaving is essential to my daily routine. It makes me feel like I’ve woken up and softens my baby-like cheeks.

If you have a beard, you probably look good in beards or just a lazy sod. In either event, consider bringing a styptic pencil on your trip. It functions beyond your shaving routine.

A styptic pencil is an antihemorrhagic, a chemical that stops small cuts from bleeding. When you nick yourself from shaving, you just rub the pencil over the cut to stop the bleeding. It saves you from using bits of toilet paper on your face. Obviously, for the ladies who like silky smooth legs for the beach, it works just as well.

Beyond shaving, it’s great for paper cuts, general scratches, popped pimples and foot blisters. I use it for small nose bleeds. My allergies and dry weather cause blood vessels in my nose to bleed. When it happens on the road, I use the nick stick to control the bleeding from my nostril so I don’t have to stick tissues up my nose.

I always pack a tube of Nick Stick from the Pacific Shaving Company. It’s a small, .01 oz. roll-on tube about the size of a Chap Stick. It won’t take up a lot of room in your dopp kit and if you leave it in your carry-on, TSA won’t view it as a potential life-threatening item.

They retail for $6 and every drugstore has them in the shaving section. If that’s too much for you, Clubman Styptic Pencil, which is a wax, retails for $2.

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