You Don’t Need This — Travel Pillows

hello kittySomething I’ve learned in my life experience is that most of the stuff you own you don’t need. You bought things because you thought you needed it, it’s filling a void, it gives you a purchasing high or you wanted to feel better. I wish I learned that early on in life because it would have saved me a lot of money. It’s that materialistic nature some of us have. We’re just not satisfied with what we have.

Which brings me to travel pillows. It’s those unpackable foam devices you wear around your neck that are in the shape of a toilet seat. You’ll see them dangling from rolling suitcases. Tourists will be fumbling with them as they go through security. Somewhere, some idiot deemed these things as a necessity, and is probably making a load of money off of them.

When I was Heathrow the other week, I saw somebody walking through the international terminal wearing a travel pillow around their neck. I wanted to steal it and play keep away from it.

Last time I was in Florida flying back to New Jersey at 11am, I saw at least 5 people with them. The flight is about two hours and some change. You sit through a movie at home in that time. You should already have a good night’s sleep at 11am. Not like you had to wake up at 4am to catch a flight at sunrise. There’s just no need for them.

Even on long-haul flights, the headrests provided give you enough neck support. I know it’s hard to believe but airlines have listened to customers and put adjustable headrests, even in coach.

72462ffaf2a041a32eed8ab412a9b321More than anything, travel pillows make you look like an idiot. Do a Google image search of people wearing travel pillows. Now picture yourself wearing those things. Yeah. Congrats, you look like a tourist.

I was given a vibrating travel pillow once from a company that retailed for $45. I never brought it anywhere, but I tried it out once at home. The sound of the vibration would keep you up even if you tried to go to sleep.

Since tourists pack too much, it’s something that you can expunge that you don’t have to lug around. Even the inflatable ones.

I have two alternatives that will provide neck support and make you look stylish at the same time: circular scarves or a cashmere sweater.

circular scarfCircular scarves aren’t just for women, you can pull it off if you’re a guy. I have a couple from American Apparel that I wear in the fall and winter. You just fold it up and wrap it around your neck to achieve optimal comfort. It’s more soft an luxurious than anything in pillow form, and it’s made in America. Then when you get to your destination, BLAMMO, it’s a scarf. If doesn’t even have to be a circular scarf, any chunky scarf will do.

Then with the cashmere sweater, it works year around. Do the same thing, roll it up and place it around your neck. The soft touch of cashmere will put you to sleep. It’s perfect for the warm climate destination at night time, and by golly gee, it will make you look at ease and comfortable when you’re walking the beaches and streets of Spain. If you can’t spring for the fancy kind, UNIQLO makes a reasonably priced cashmere sweater.

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